Sustained long-term benefits result in four year extension of MiX Telematics' contract with Go-Ahead Group

23 Jan 2012

The fleet management partnership between Go-Ahead Group and MiX Telematics, a key contributor towards Go-Ahead's operational success which has seen fuel efficiency increase by 12 percent and accidents reduce by 17.6 percent since 2007/8, has been extended and is now set to continue for a further four years. 

Originally covering 3,500 buses nationwide, including 1,500 in London, the on-going and sustained success of the programme has seen the contract grow over the past three years.  Today, the performance of a total of 4,000 Go-Ahead buses is monitored by MiX Telematics.
"Ours was the first large-scale deployment of a fleet management solution within the bus industry and the long-term results generated by the system, which have been achieved in combination with our other efficiency-enhancing activities, have certainly been impressive," comments Go-Ahead Group Engineering Director Phil Margrave.  "Since its introduction, the MiX Telematics team have proved themselves to be perfect partners.  They understand our business, deliver on their promises and have worked alongside us every step of the way to continuously improve and develop our use of the system.  They have also proven themselves to be more than capable of facilitating major change within a large organisation such as ours.  The results speak for themselves and today fleet management is very much an integral part of our operation.
"While fuel and other cost savings are key, the MiX Telematics solution helps us in many other ways too.  Training is one example, where we use the system to both identify training needs and monitor individual driver's progress.  It has also enabled us to create the Go-Green Drivers Club, which drivers gain entry to by achieving an agreed level of fuel efficiency.  Alongside this we run the annual 500 Challenge, our incentive scheme which sees our top performing drivers – as determined by the system – compete to win a brand new Fiat 500.
"Passengers also benefit from the improved comfort and safety facilitated by the system – we have even heard of customers choosing to wait in the queue for one of our buses to arrive because the journey is so much more comfortable!"
For MiX Telematics, Marketing & Operations Director Steve Coffin, says:  "We are naturally delighted that Go-Ahead Group has decided to extend its fleet management contract with us.  The close working relationship we have developed over the years demonstrates what can be achieved when best practice is shared, promoted and supported by two organisations with a common goal."
The Go-Ahead fleet management solution
The fleet management solution provided to Go-Ahead Group is based upon MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager on-board computer and incorporates the optional in-cab RIBAS display unit.  RIBAS provides instant driving-style feedback via a dashboard-mounted array of five LEDs which illuminate whenever the driver exceeds a pre-programmed vehicle parameter.  Each LED is positioned alongside its corresponding letter, where:
R = over Revving
I =  excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding
The hardware is backed by MiX Telematics' FM-Web reporting software, which delivers bespoke reports directly to the fleet manager and can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer.  Together with this, MiX Telematics provides an on-going consultancy service to Go-Ahead Group, ensuring maximum use is made of the system and that its full potential is realised.

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