Reading Buses to enhance performance and the customer experience with MiX Telematics

14 Apr 2015
Following a comprehensive market evaluation during which a range of options were considered, Reading Buses has concluded that MiX Telematics provides the fleet management solution best suited to serve its needs.  Accordingly, all 172 buses in the Reading Buses fleet are now being equipped with MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager.

"Topping our priority list was the desire to uplift performance while simultaneously improving the overall customer experience," comments Jacqui Gavaghan, Performance Director for Reading Buses.  "That means in addition to looking to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint, we were also keen to adopt a system which would help ensure incidents such as harsh braking and over-speeding are minimised in order to benefit the comfort and safety of our passengers."

To ensure the smooth introduction and operation of Fleet Manager into the Reading Buses fleet, MiX Telematics is providing ongoing consultancy services to the in-house Reading team.  This includes providing training, assistance with data analysis and helping to create awareness among drivers.

To further encourage best practice, all drivers will be given access to the My Mix Driver Portal.  This enables drivers to view their driving scores and compare them to those of their colleagues on the same vehicles.  In this way My MiX Driver Portal is intended to promote discussion among drivers as to how performance can be improved and optimised across the fleet.

The Fleet Manager solution chosen by Reading Buses includes the optional dashboard-mounted RIBAS display (which stands for over-Revving, excessive Idling, harsh Braking, harsh Acceleration and over Speeding).  RIBAS provides drivers with instant feedback on their driving style by way of an array of Green/Amber/Red status lights.  These lights reflect the current driving-style by telling the driver when he or she is driving correctly, when a pre-programmed operational parameter is in danger of being exceeded and when a parameter has been exceeded.  In this way, RIBAS works pro-actively to help drivers stay within their vehicle's pre-programmed safety and efficiency parameters at all times.

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