Prominent Brazilian Sugar Cane Producer Appoints MiX

16 Jun 2020

Boca Raton, Florida – June 16, 2020 - MiX Telematics (JSE: MIX, NYSE: MIXT) a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, has confirmed that one of Brazil’s most prestigious sugar can producers has appointed MiX Telematics to assist in improving vehicle utilization and reducing vehicle collisions.


The company decided to replace its incumbent telematics partner and chose MiX Telematics following a proof of concept project, during which MiX delivered the best results. MiX Telematics will be assisting the company to optimize the safety, efficiency and utilization of 500 light commercial vehicles currently operating in Brazil. The project will focus on improving driver behavior and increasing vehicle availability. “We are delighted that another prominent operator has chosen MiX Telematics because of our relentless focus on delivering the best customer experience and optimum fleet safety and efficiency performance,” states MiX Telematics Chief Operating Officer, Charles Tasker.

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