Past operational success sees Richmonds renew its contract with MiX Telematics

09 Jan 2020

Birmingham, UK – 09 January, 2020 – Richmonds, a Hertfordshire-based company which provides executive coach hire, first-class holidays, day trips and local bus services within the UK, has renewed its contract with MiX Telematics for a further three years. This comes after the successful implementation of a bespoke long-term programme by MiX Telematics, which was specifically designed to enhance Richmonds' performance, safety and the overall customer experience.

The programme was developed in partnership with MiX Telematics' Customer Success Management team and provides a highly sophisticated telematics solution. This solution tracks and monitors driver and vehicle performance across Richmonds' 30-strong fleet while delivering information on a range of operational engineering parameters. The contract renewal will now see the latter aspect of the relationship develop even further.

Currently, engineering data on factors such as high engine temperatures, low coolant levels, low oil pressure and low battery output is being gathered and reported on. In the event of a parameter being exceeded, email notifications are sent to relevant individuals. Future development will see the programme extended to cover dashboard information, such as the monitoring of warning lights and other related instrumentation.

The MiX Telematics Customer Success Management team provides ongoing consultancy services to Richmonds in order to maximise the benefits derived from the solution. Another key aspect of the partnership is driver engagement, which is driven by the MyMiX app. MyMiX allows drivers to review data regarding their driving performance at their own convenience which helps them identify areas where they need to improve and then take appropriate action or receive training.

Managing Director of Richmonds, Andrew Richmond, comments, "As a long-standing MiX Telematics customer, we appreciate the service they provide and the benefits their programme brings to our business. Having access to real-time engineering data enables us spot and rectify faults before they become major issues and that, in turn, helps us reduce costs and maximise our customer service levels."

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