MiX Telematics demonstrates long-term commitment to safety at the SPE Conference in Stavanger, Norway

11 Apr 2016
Stavanger, Norway - 11 April 2016 – MiX Telematics (NYSE: MIXT), a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, is participating in the SPE International Conference & Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility, from 11 to 13 April 2016. Charles Tasker, Group Chief Operating Officer for MiX Telematics, says the event offers a key meeting place to introduce industry players to the company’s latest safety innovations including MiX Journey Management, which was recently launched, and solutions for the regulatory compliance of driving hours in different parts of the world. By doing so, MiX Telematics is underlining its long-term commitment to the oil and gas sector, which is currently facing economically challenging times.
MiX Journey Management is a comprehensive electronic journey risk management solution that integrates with the company’s fleet management platform. “The solution is designed for operators seeking an easy and automated way to keep their drivers, passengers and cargo safe. It replaces tedious paper-based journey management processes as well as the need for operators to develop their own in-house solutions,” says Tasker.

MiX Telematics has a globally proven track record for helping oil and gas customers, among customers from other industries, to achieve and maintain significant safety results in terms of accident reductions and related benefits such as lowered insurance premiums.

MiX Journey Management joins a long list of safety-driven products and services developed by MiX Telematics. Driver behaviour monitoring, training and consultancy, in-cab video monitoring, satellite communication and driving hours solutions are other offerings relied on by MiX Telematics customers all over the globe.

“We don’t develop solutions that are ‘one size fits all’. We have eyes and ears on the ground in a number of regions, because the nature of our business is to partner with our customers and meet their specific needs. A good example of this is our approach to helping customers from different industries and regions to monitor and manage driving hours. In Europe, our solutions comply with tachograph requirements; in the US, with the upcoming ELD mandate, and so on,” says Tasker.

“Putting safety first requires a long-term commitment from oil and gas operators. And it’s easier said than done. Our experience has shown that the right strategy to achieving safety goals starts with the realisation that it’s a continuous process. You need a reliable provider who takes safety as seriously as you do – and one that makes it their business to commit to “growing” solutions alongside your unique and changing HSE policies and procedures,” concludes Tasker.

The SPE International Conference & Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility is being held in Norway, at the Stavanger Forum. MiX Telematics can be visited Booth #409.

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