MiX Telematics Brings Popular MiX Vision In-Cab Monitoring Solution to U.S. Fleets

21 Jul 2015
Boca Raton, FL – July 21, 2015 – MiX Telematics (NYSE: MIXT), a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, announced today that it is now offering its popular in-cab monitoring solution, MiX Vision, in the U.S.

MiX Vision is the first video-based driver monitoring solution that:

  • Is integrated with MiX’s onboard computer and web-based fleet management platform;
  • Maintains a rolling 72 hours of footage per vehicle; and
  • Automatically adds links to video clips within driver safety scoring reports.

MiX Vision, an enhancement to MiX Telematics’s fleet management solution, can help fleets:

  • Make more informed decisions around incidents involving their drivers;
  • Identify drivers who may need additional coaching and training;
  • Prevent crashes; and
  • Ultimately reduce their insurance rates.

According to the FMCSA, in 2013 (latest figures available), there were 389,000 large truck and bus crashes in the U.S., and 3,806 of these resulted in at least one fatality. The estimated total cost of these crashes: $103 billion. Fleet management solutions such as those from MiX Telematics, with valuable enhancements like MiX Vision, can help prevent crashes entirely and can also help fleet managers and investigators determine the actual causes of crashes that do occur.

Using video footage captured with in-vehicle cameras, MiX Vision delivers front-facing and cab-facing video, with sound, allowing for visual clarity at the time of an event. MiX Vision continuously captures a rolling 72 hours of video for retrieval of any 2:30-minute segment when needed, so fleet managers can view what happened before an event occurred – for instance, was the driver momentarily distracted, or did another vehicle swerve into the truck’s path?

MiX Vision videos can be viewed alongside a timeline within MiX Fleet Manager, adding a richer context to incident scenarios for fleet managers. Video segments related to any in-cab event are automatically added to drivers’ RAG (Red, Amber, Green) reports, which highlight driving events that affect fleet safety and efficiency. The data is also used to implement more targeted driver training programs, supporting drivers in learning how they can improve their driving style. MiX Vision is one of many tools MiX Telematics offers to help measure and improve driver behavior, in order to improve safety and efficiency.

According to Skip Kinford, President and CEO of MiX Telematics Americas, many U.S. fleets still rely on older, less-intuitive technology or do nothing at all to attempt to monitor unsafe driving behavior. MiX Vision and MiX Telematics’s other driver monitoring solutions enable them to take a far more proactive and analytical approach to safer driving.

“MiX Vision has proven to be a very popular offering for MiX Telematics around the globe, and we have now brought it to the U.S.,” said Kinford. “U.S. customers are extremely safety conscious, and those who have seen the MiX Vision product are eager to roll it out to their fleets, not only to help improve safety but also to reduce their liability position on frivolous claims. It’s an important element of a company’s overall safety and fleet management strategy.”

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