MiX Telematics boosts safety for 1,000 daily deliveries

21 Apr 2017

Technology is playing a vital role in dramatically increasing safety on Australian roads, with major wood panel manufacturer, Borg Manufacturing, eliminating all instances of truck rollovers and crashes since implementing a MiX Telematics solution over two years ago.

Borg Manufacturing, which is based on the East Coast, conducts approximately 1,000 deliveries per day and has a fleet of 200 vehicles.

The decorative wood panel and made-to-order kitchen door manufacturer previously suffered costly delays from unsafe driving. In response, Borg implemented a comprehensive safety and efficiency solution to monitor and improve driver behaviour. The MiX Telematics In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) provides live updates on vehicle and driver behaviour, utilisation and location. The solution also alerts drivers through an in-cab buzzer whenever a vehicle is being driven unsafely.

Borg also installed MiX Vision, which uses driver and road facing cameras with sound to record driver behaviour as well as the actions of other road users which is fully integrated with the IVMS. When a pre- defined event occurs, the system simultaneously captures driver and road view video, which puts the fleet managers at the scene and in control, providing visual evidence in the event of a crash and in turn, can be used to facilitate driver coaching. The system has been highly successful at reducing insurance premiums, capturing footage of road users acting unsafely and absolving truck drivers of potential costly blame.

MiX Telematics Head of Sales and Marketing for Australasia, Lara Churton-Hughes, said: “The results have firmly demonstrated that technology is a key instrument for increasing road safety.”

“Safe driver behaviour is measured in our RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report. Borg Manufacturing drivers, increased safer or green drivers from 45% to 99% in just six months. The red drivers or high risk driving dropped from 22.49% to 0.11% in seven months,” Ms Churton-Hughes added.

Borg has also been able to make efficiencies in its fleet funding. The reduction in fleet accidents has meant the company has been able to generate significant insurance savings, with funds normally spent on comprehensive insurance now going towards a long-term telematics solution.

“We have experienced considerable driving safety improvements in the two years since we implemented the MiX Telematics solution. In particular, our incident rates and associated repair and maintenance costs have dropped considerably, ensuring a safer workplace,” Borg Manufacturing managing director, Michael Borg said.

Accredited MiX Telematics Channel Partner for New South Wales, Airco Auto Instruments, handled the installation and client management process, originally installing the solution into 20 vehicles driving the most dangerous routes. Borg has since expanded the technology across its entire fleet.

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