MiX Telematics announces partnership with Navistar to put customers at the helm of their telematics solution

24 Sep 2020

MiX Telematics is proud to announce a new partnership with Navistar that aims to create even greater value for their customers. Through the partnership, MiX and Navistar plan to provide mutual customers with an enhanced and comprehensive combined data set. Customers' and manufacturers' reliance on telematics data has evolved over the past few years in terms of pursuing better uptime and improved repair support. OEMs such as Navistar embed telematics hardware into their vehicles at the point of manufacture,  to remotely understand and analyze fault codes and usage once out in the field.


“We are excited to announce this new partnership with MiX Telematics. It enables Navistar to create even greater value for customers by enabling seamless access to our industry-leading remote diagnostics solutions and MiX Telematics’ powerful fleet management and compliance solutions through one factory-installed device,” says Matthew Milewski, Navistar Connected Vehicle Marketing Director.

Furthermore, by leveraging OEM hardware, MiX Telematics is uniquely globally positioned, in over 120 Countries, to provide a richer, seamless experience for their customers. Through the partnership with Navistar, MiX will harness vehicle data streams that will be ingested into MiX’s extensive platform and application services.

“Our partnership with Navistar entrenches our vision to provide our customers with the best telematics information and service in the industry. We are excited to be working with Navistar to provide our mutual customers with access to richer information set that in turn will help them to improve the management of their fleet operations at any given time,” responds  Charles  Tasker,  MiX  Telematics Chief Operating Officer.

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