MiX Telematics and Eskom partnership flourishes

05 Jan 2012

Johannesburg, 5 January 2012 - Since MiX Telematics was awarded the tender for the Eskom account in July 2010 and started introducing its fleet management technology into the workings of Eskom, the partnership has thrived.

MiX Telematics’ Gert Pretorius says Eskom saw immediate benefits once the MiX Telematics units were installed in its fleet. “One of the major benefits was the centralised web-based solution that we introduced. The move away from a standalone system has provided Eskom with complete visibility throughout its operations countrywide,” he explains.

Another key objective was to improve efficiencies and allow better integration of fleet information. “Monitoring driver behaviour, better use of assets and the ability of the MiX Telematics system to integrate with the SAP Enterprise Software system has resulted in cost savings and great improvement in efficiency of the fleet,” says Pretorius.

The Eskom fleet ranges from HCV to LDV and cars and MiX Telematics’ system has needed to meet with each vehicle’s requirements. According to Pretorius, understanding the needs that Eskom has and offering fully-integrated solutions has been the key to success. “Our starting point when we were awarded this tender was to approach each level in the organisation to do a full assessment of the business requirements. We started nationally then went regionally and into each level of each business unit. Our strategy for any new client is to identify the trigger points so our solutions can be relevant and customised. We tackled Eskom in the same way, embracing the size and complexity of its operations and providing appropriate solutions.”

Through customised, real-time reports generated by MiX Telematics, each business unit now has a clearer understanding of the operational activities of its vehicles such as driver behaviour, fuel consumption, vehicle utilisation and the likes, that assist in sound decision making. With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, fuel savings needs to be a priority for all fleet operators and through the MiX Telematics partnership, Eskom has seen a significant reduction in fuel consumption resulting in impressive fuel savings. Along with that MiX Telematics’ tracking capabilities have assisted in the successful tracking and recovery of several Eskom vehicles.

While there have been numerous successes since the partnership’s inception in 2010, the most significant, believes Pretorius, is the improved efficiency that supports Eskom’s 49M initiative. The initiative calls on all 49 million South Africans to save electricity, prompted by the global need to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and the need to save money as a result of the economic downturn and rising electricity prices. “By using financial and human resources better, Eskom is improving its efficiency which is benefitting the country as a whole,” adds Pretorius.

For MiX Telematics, rolling out its system into a fleet of this magnitude and complexity has been a challenging and exciting exercise. “This large fleet is operating in numerous locations, simultaneously, day in and day out. Successfully assisting with the management of the fleet and the creation of synergies between the various departments was a goal we are now proud to have achieved. Along with that we have proved that a quick return on investment is possible when engaging with the right partner,” he says.

“MiX Telematics is not about selling black boxes but providing solutions and services. The Eskom partnership is growing from strength to strength and continues to be fruitful month on month. We are looking eagerly to the months ahead when we will no doubt see accelerated processes as a result of our systems and lasting, significant results for Eskom,” concludes Pretorius.

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