MiX Telematics hails UAE’s 2021 vision that gives road safety top priority and aims to drastically reduce fatalities

18 Feb 2015

Dubai, UAE, 18 February 2015: MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, has applauded the UAE’s strong focus on road safety as part of its Vision 2021 to become one of the best countries in the world. By establishing Road Safety KPIs, the UAE aims to reduce road-related fatalities from an average of 6.7/100,000, per year, to 3/100,000.

According to the World Health Organisation’s ranking, this achievement would represent a dramatic improvement, placing the UAE among the top five safest countries in the world.

MiX Telematics points out that more and more UAE fleet operators are looking to adopt a reliable fleet management solution to help them reduce accidents and boost safety levels. “Customers can be reassured in taking this approach, because proven solutions are easily attainable. And these solutions –  which monitor driver behaviour and track vehicle locations, among other things – are also welcomed by drivers when they’re implemented properly,” says Brodie von Berg, Head of Sales and Marketing at MiX Telematics Middle East.

Monitoring and reducing incidents like over-speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration help to decrease accident rates. The knock-on effect of lowered fuel consumption and related savings is a significant added benefit. 

Currently, traffic accidents across the world have reached alarming proportions, causing high fatality rates and serious injuries. In addition to safety being affected, accident-related costs such as insurance premiums also add pressure to businesses. Fleet operators are therefore encouraged to take concrete steps in reducing such accidents in their commercial fleets.

MiX Telematics is a long-standing provider of driver safety, fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. As such, the company strongly supports the UAE’s road safety plans, and aims to partner with fleets that are themselves ready to commit to real and drastic improvement. “We have a shared vision with the UAE and look forward to playing a key role in bringing the country to the global forefront in road safety,” adds von Berg.

“It is the responsibility of transport operators and other private companies to monitor driver behaviour and take proactive steps in preventing the devastating effects of motor vehicle crashes. Implementing a highly effective fleet management solution is becoming as important as installing cameras and radars on roads to reduce road accidents,” emphasised von Berg.

“A lack of awareness about the consequences of reckless driving is a global concern, but we’ve noticed that fleet management solutions are clearly limiting the damage in several ways,” says von Berg.

“Driving just five kilometres-per-hour above the speed limit, for example, can double the likelihood of being involved in a casualty crash. As opposed to just keeping score, effective fleet management assesses risks and inefficiencies and identifies ways in which these can be addressed,” concluded von Berg.

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