Major savings for Barlows with MiX Telematics Fleet Manager

15 May 2015
Malpas, Cheshire-based Barlows Electrics UK Limited has reported savings of up to £20,000 per annum due to operating efficiency, scheduling and time management gains made as a result of opting for MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager solution.  In addition, Barlows has reduced accident rates and improved community relations through the creation of geo-fenced areas to prevent speeding in residential areas.

Barlows Electrics UK Limited is a major electrical contractor providing electrical installation and property maintenance services throughout the United Kingdom. The company operates 180 vans and employs over 200 people, mainly for electrical installations, but also as specialists in plumbing and joinery trades. With a wide geographical base and more than 200 mobile engineers,  Barlows relies on its MiX Telematics solution to monitor vehicle locations, hours on site and driver behaviour. The company also benefits from a range of reports which are used to help grow the business and deliver a valuable customer service.
With the help and support of MiX Telematics and its fleet consultancy services, Barlows has created a number of customised Insight Reports, including visibility reports, trip reports, movement reports, drive-through reports and location overview reports to deliver important and useful information.
The information is monitored on a weekly basis and at the end of every month is reviewed in depth at a Fleet Action Committee meeting.  Any issues identified during the meeting are discussed and addressed accordingly. If an issue is identified with an individual engineer, it is brought to the attention of his or her manager, who seeks to resolve the issue in the best possible way.
“MiX Telematics's Fleet Manager is very important in helping us to manage our vehicles and our drivers," says Fleet Manager Mark Barlow. "We rely on the system to help us monitor vehicle activity, driver activity, plan the best routes and communicate arrival times to customers. It gives us tighter control of our fleet and enables us to make sensible decisions using solid accurate data.”

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