A.W. Lumb streamlines its delivery service with MiX Telematics

08 May 2015
Family-owned Builders' Merchant A.W. Lumb has invested in a MiX Telematics fleet management solution to help plan and improve delivery services and schedules to customers in the two areas it serves, Dewsbury and Tamworth.  In selecting MiX Telematics, A.W. Lumb was seeking a solution which would provide accurate data in real time.

After careful evaluation of the telematics market, A.W. Lumb chose MiX Telematics as its preferred supplier.  The main functionality A.W. Lumb uses within the MiX Fleet Manager platform is the tracking module. With its enhanced mapping capabilities, the live tracking feature allows the company to quickly identify vehicle locations in real time while the historical tracking allows them to monitor past trips in detail.
Having this information available is useful in a number ways.  For example, if a vehicle is on its way to a customer and breaks down, the live tracking function can be used to quickly identify its exact location so that it can be recovered with minimal downtime. Alternatively, if a customer calls to query a delivery time, A.W. Lumb can use its historical tracking to see at exactly what time a drop-off was made.
As a direct result of business intelligence gathered by Fleet Manager, A.W. Lumb now runs an ‘AM first delivery service’ – a service that guarantees goods will be delivered on site with a customer before 8:00am.
The organisation has also experienced instances where the system has proved its value in other ways. On one occasion it saved them over £2,000 in legal costs when another road user accused one of their drivers of hitting his car at a specific location at a specific time. Historical tracking data from MiX Fleet Manager proved the claim to be false.
As well as using the system on a day-to-day basis for visibility purposes, A.W. Lumb also uses MiX Insight Reports. These are set up as automated emails sent directly to the company. Among the information provided are fuel reports showing much fuel specific vehicles are using on specific routes– valuable information when it comes to deciding which vehicles are better suited to longer journeys with heavier loads.
Commenting on the success of the project, company owner Martin Keays says, "Overall, we really value the information that is accessible to us via MiX Fleet Manager. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make. The MiX Telematics team has been very supportive throughout our time with them and, as a client, I would be very happy to recommend them as a trusted and reliable telematics supplier."

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