MyMiX Driver Portal delivers results for Cardiff Bus

28 Oct 2016
Birmingham, October 28 - A monthly Driver Workshop provided by MiX Telematics to Cardiff Bus drivers is paying dividends in terms of improved performance, driver engagement and job satisfaction.  The workshops, which are run by the MiX Telematics Fleet Management Consultancy team, are designed to encourage drivers to use the MyMiX Driver Portal and help them improve their performance through expert analysis of their results.
Cardiff Bus is an established user of MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager solution and introduced MyMiX Driver Portal in 2015 following trials which demonstrated the system allows drivers to assess and develop their driving style in a manner which does not exert undue pressure on individuals.
"The non-confrontational nature of MyMiX is key to its success," comments Jonathan Bates, Marketing Director for MiX Telematics Europe and North Africa.  "By enabling drivers to access their data privately, and at times which suit them, MyMiX has proved itself to be an effective and popular aid to performance improvement.  The workshops we run are held in the Cardiff Bus drivers' mess, where all employees are encouraged to visit and talk to our consultants in its relaxed atmosphere."
Accessed via a PC or smartphone App, MyMiX Driver Portal engages drivers by allowing them to compare their own performance with that of their colleagues.  The system works by capturing data on harsh acceleration, harsh braking and over-speeding and reporting them by way of RAG (Red-Amber-Green) style reports.  In addition to performance comparisons, MyMiX Driver Portal also allows drivers to review their personal performance record on specific vehicles week-on-week, so that improvements over time can be recognised and noted.  Improved fuel consumption, enhanced safety and increased job satisfaction are all benefits delivered by MyMiX Driver Portal.
According to John Stone, Driver and Mentor for Cardiff Bus, MyMix enables him and his colleagues to see how well they are driving and, consequently, assess the quality of service they are providing for their passengers:  "I use the App and I like my trainees to use the App as well so they can see how they are driving," he says.  "Some of them may never have driven a bus before, so it's nice for them to see.  Also, if we do record any 'events' on the App, you can see when, where and at what time they occurred.
"All in all, I believe MyMiX is a fantastic tool to have.  I believe it can develop drivers; they can see how they are going to improve and if they are in the red, how they are going to get to the green.  It's something I've definitely bought in to myself and I try to push every new driver to get there as well."
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