MiX Telematics partners with Nuonic to increase FTC entitlements

29 Aug 2018

Perth, Australia – 29 August 2018 – Leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, MiX Telematics, has partnered with Nuonic, a leading-edge data analytics firm, to launch an innovative solution to ease the burden of calculating fuel tax credits (FTC). Nuonic has developed a leading edge technology platform – PRISM, which uses MiX Telematics vehicle and GPS data with geo-spatial information and advanced algorithms to calculate Fuel Tax Credit claims ensuring maximum accuracy.

Operating a fleet is an expensive business and fuel makes up a significant portion of the costs. It is also difficult for organisations to manage and control costs because fuel is a critical fixed element in a fleet operation and not a variable one.

“The process for fuel tax claims can be complex, time-consuming and subjected to a certain level of inaccuracies. Organisations can end up missing out on valuable refunds not to mention spending countless hours on administering fuel tax claims,” said Brodie von Berg, Managing Director Middle East and Australasia, MiX Telematics.

“What is lacking in the fleet management industry today is an efficient way to make use of the powerful data that telematics devices capture and translate that into actionable insights. Our partnership with Nuonic will help businesses to get more from their fuel tax claims and typically, clients using this automated platform see fuel tax uplifts of up to 30%.

MiX Telematics partnership with Nuonic has made it possible to offer a solution for fleet operators to accurately calculate and claim fuel tax credits. PRISM, Nuonic’s advanced platform for commercial vehicle fleet analysis, automates the analysis of high-volume fleet activity data at scale.

“We are excited about the partnership with MiX Telematics, which enables us to work together to deliver our solution seamlessly to MiX customers. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality service and making sure that every fleet operator in Australia can benefit; from the largest to the smallest.”

Through this partnership, customers can deliver precise and accurate vehicle fuel consumption according to location and activity and generated detailed reports to support FTC claims. The combined solution offers the most accurate and advanced location mapping available and looks at retrospective claims to see if additional uplift in credits can be applied. Lastly, countless hours usually spent administering fuel tax claims can be tremendously reduced and be reallocated to other parts of the business.

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